What is CBD oil?


The so called "CBD oil" is a preparation, extracted from the flowers of the cannabis plant with low contents of the cannabinoid THC and higher contents of the cannabinoid cannabidiol - CBD, which is mixed at precise concentrations with the oil base. The oil base used for CBD oils and cannabis drops, if home made, are usually just cannabis oils, cold pressed from the seeds of the cannabis plant. In quality production most of the time the oil used is coconut oil ( capric triglycerides or medium-chain triglycerides), which is more durable than cannabis oil and has a longer shelf life.  Of course also other oils may be applied as the base, or mixed in the product. The extract (so called "tar" or "resin") can be manufacter with different processes and different solvents (gas, alcohol, CO2, butane). After the extraction we measure the cannabinoid contents in a laboratory (for example 15% resin, 20% resin, 25% resin etc.), to determine the quantity of the extract, that wil be mixed in the oil. With the appliaction of different quantities of the extract we can make CBD oils with different  percentile values of CBD. Simply put, this is how we make 3%, 5%, 10% cannabis drops....

We can buy CBD oils or cannabis drops like this mainly in specialized stores in the form of drops with different CBD contents(from 2% to 30%).
Basically CBD oil has almost no connection to caannabis oil. CBD oil or cannabis drops are made of the extracts of the flower of the female cannabis plant, while cannabis oil, which can be bought in regular stores and is used in food preparation is made with cold pressing cannabis seeds.

How to use CBD oil - cannabis drops:

We can ingest CBD oil in the form of dropps, or use them topically - rub them in the skin, where the problem is ( stings, inflammations, cuts, burns, or systemic ailments like psoriasis). The best form of ingesting CBD oil drops is sublingual. Drip the droplets under the tongue and wait 2-3 minutes, so the small blood vessels absorb the cannabinoids.  This is the most efficient way of using CBD oil, and also the time of activation is very fast.
CBD oil is mostly comprised from the extract and the base oil, like described above. There are more and more manufacturers, that use isolated CBD crystals and mix them into the oil. CBD crystals are made from the extract by using special procedures. Research shows, that CBD oils like that are less effective than using preparations with the whole extract. The difference is, that when using the extract, we get the described quantity of CBD, but there are also other cannabinoids and  useful compounds (terpenes, flaovonoids...) present, which work better with CBD (entourage effect), than just isolated CBD in crystals.


Advantages of using CBD oil:

Advantages of using CBD oil are mostly the simple dosage mmeasurements, fast sublingual absorption, and are less straining on the body than the use of higher concentrated CBD products.  This often occurs while ingesting "resin" or "tar", where we are actually ingesting a concentrate. Long term use of concentrates can have lasting effects on the gastric mucouse membrane (for instance, we don't ingest tomato sauce directly from the tube, but mix it into food). Also, the possibility of overdosing is smaller (although there are no bigger side effects), because of the smaller dosages.


Extracts from which CBD oil is made:

Like mentioned, we acquire the extract from the flowers of the female cannabis plant.  We use cannabis strains with a high CBD content. Very important in this process are the purity and quality of hemp/cannabis. Cannabis is known as an "earth cleaner". It pulls out different toxic compounds from the eart, like heavy metals, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. If the extract is made from tainted/polluted cannabis, all the harmful compounds are concentrated in the extract. Using extracts like this might do more harm to the body than good. It is of vital importance to use cannabis that was grown in clean soil. The most simple way of being sure is to ask the manufacturer/seller to provide you with a certificate, that the cannabis or the extract are without any harmful compounds. Without being sure, that the CBD oil is not polluted, rather don't use it. A regular bio certificate here is not enough. More respected and developed companies are testing the cleanliness of cannabis for at least 85 different harmful compounds, to ensure the high quality and safety of their products.