Using our high expertise, broad knowledge, pure cannabis and most advanced technology we prepared the highest quality products containing the full spectrum of cannabinoids with removed THC, just for you. Our concept is unique and effective! Wi wish and hope, you will decide to try our CBDex products. We have been carefully and attentively developing and preparing them just for you. Because we care for the people!


We combined Slovenian experience with Czech high expertise and together we developed a series of different products with cannabinoids, to restore the balance in the body. Our products are 100% natural and of plant origin, withou GMO, withou gluten and without pesticides (certificates present) and synthetic fertilizers. We assure the superb quality and pureness of cannabis, following the guidelines of HACCP and GMP. Decide which way of ingestion is best for you, between drops, capsules and inhalations.




Uporabljamo ga v zdravstvu, kozmetiki in prehrani.


Ugodno vpliva pri večini telesnih bolezni, prav tako pa umirja duha in pomaga pri sproščanju.


Kanabidiol je prvi kanabinoid, ki je s strani zdravstvenih organizacij širom po svetu priznan kot zdravilo in ga lahko uporabljamo tudi v prehranskih dopolnilih.

Realna dejstva o Kanabidiolu



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