INHALE CBDex IMUNIT premium 100% natural inhalation liquid for the activation of the immune system in times of increased load and stressful times.

INHALE CBDex IMUNIT can be used not only as a supplement to basic medical care but also as a preventative measure.

CBD is not a narcotic and does not cause addiction. Developed and produced in Czech in compliance with EU law and regulations. Aerosols inhaled through these inhalations are not harmful. Natural supporting substances like propanediol and glycerin are decomposed in the body, converted into natural substances that are later excreted. Inhaled aerosols have been tested in the ICPF (institute for chemical processes CAS) in Prague and do not contain any harmful substances.

Recommended daily dose (manufacturers recommendation): 0,5 ml (14 drops) inhalation liquid. Recommended concetration of the mixture is 0,5 ml 14 drops) of inhalation liquid and 4,5ml sterile saline* or alcaline mineral water. Do not exceed recommended daily dosage.

*Saline: 0,9% water solution of sodium chloride (kitchen salt). Preparation: Dissolve 9g of kitchen salt in 1 liter of water.

Ingredients: propanediol, glycerin, cannabidiol – CBD 100 mg
Net contents: 10 ml

Notes: cannabis product. Do not use the liquid directly before driving or during driving motorized vehicles. Does not contain nicotine, THC or other narcotics.

Sensitive people visibly notice relaxation effects after first dose. Shake well before using.

Only for external use. Store away from heat sources. Store in a place that is inaccessible for children. Not for ingestion. Do not use if original packaging of the product (the bottle) is damaged because of risk of bacterial infection.

Inhalation liquid fulfills all technical requirements to use in all inhalators (medical appliances) and its viscosity is under 3ppm.

The inhalation liquid can change color because of sunlight, this change does not affect quality. Store in a dry place at room temperature, keep the packaging well closed. After the removal off the collapsible box store the product in darkness. Store in original packaging. Best before date and the serial number are on the packaging.


Before use carefully read the user manual, because it contains vital information for use. Save the instruction manual, maybe you will want to read it again.

With the help of the inhalation device the inhalation liquid enters the pulmonary system. During the inhalation small particles are created, which are inhaled with the help of the mask or a mouthpiece. Those particles are dissolved compounds that the inhalation liquid contains. These enter the upper and lower pulmonary system, where they work.

Warning: If you are using other medication consult your personal physician or pharmacist before using the inhalation compound. There are no known contraindications with other medication. Side effects by use during pregnancy are not known.The inhalation mixture has no known side effects. Use the inhalation liquid according to the manual, but if you see any side effects notify your doctor and a contact person from our company Biomons 1 d.o.o.. For safe use of the inhalation liquids only consider the instructions from the added manual by Cannabis Pharma s.r.o. and their distributor Biomons 1 d.o.o.. For any additional information about the inhalation liquids or any other products check our webpage. If you have additional questions you can call us on our phone, 040 614 617 each day between 8.00 and 16.00 or write us on our e-mail


Manufacturer: CANNABIS Pharma, s.r.o., Masarykova 54, 415 01 Teplice, Czech Republic

Exclusive distributer for Slovenia: BioMons 1 d.o.o., Sredma 91, 2354 Bresternica, Slovenija, contact:, M: +386 (0)40 614 617,



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